Want to create the stadium experience at your local sports ground?

And save big money?


JASSTECH make it easy for you to create brilliant, daylight-quality, playing field environments that help tomorrow’s sports stars to shine at night.


Our brilliant LED sports lighting technology has been lighting major European soccer stadiums – including Germany’s Bundesliga and the Dutch premier league – since the LED sport lighting revolution began just a few years ago.


JASSTECH are Australia’s No 1 LED Sports Lighting Company. We’re proud to be the Australian distributor of the world’s best LED sport lighting technology.



Our European-manufactured AAA -LUX LED sports lighting range uses on average 60% less electricity than the decades-old metal halide lights our clients are rushing to replace.

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Australian sports ground managers can obtain a 100% return on investment in our LED sports lighting in as little as 4 years.

The awesome energy-efficiency of JASSTECH’s LED sports lighting range cuts electricty use by around 60% – significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions – and slashing operating costs.

In the past 5 years JASSTECH have helped more than 100 Aussie sport clubs and local sporting organisations to make the switch to LED sports lighting systems.