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The University of Queensland Tennis Centre

Background The University of Queensland has an enviable reputation for providing world class sporting facilities and the UQ Tennis Centre is no exception. UQ Tennis Centre has 20 standard commercial competition courts and one Show Court. The Centre hosts significant … Read More

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What are LEDs? A1: LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. This is a semiconductor component which turns electric current into light. An LED is produced in a similar way as ICs “chips”, which are used in computers and phones. … Read More

Smart Lighting Controls

Sporte© Online Booking and Remote Management System Designed and developed in Australia, the Sporte Booking and Management System, offers superior lighting management and increased profits. Centralised Office Control – Fine-grained remote control of facility resources. Consolidates multiple existing lighting control … Read More

Infrastructure & Industrial

  LUNUX When reliability and functionality are important for your Infrastructure or Industrial project, you need to consider partnering with a reliable and experienced partner. The JASSTECH team provides market-leading design and technical support, to ensure your smart lighting project … Read More

Street / Park / Architectural

LUNUX Providing innovative indoor and outdoor lighting solutions since 1896 is the true sign of a quality and trusted lighting manufacturer. A history of delivering market-leading public lighting that dates back over 100-years is only achievable if you move with … Read More

Sports Lighting – Outdoor and Indoor

LED For Sport ‘Small ball-Fast ball’ sports like tennis, cricket, and hockey require excellent illumination for players to really ‘see’ the fast moving small ball.Our luminaires were developed with these high intensity sports in mind. This means JASSTECH can provide … Read More


With our in-house design studio and an accredited network of installers, retrofitting suburban sports fields and large stadiums with JASSTECH’s brilliant LED lighting is surprisingly quick, easy and cost effective. Our LED luminaires are designed to replace old and inefficient … Read More


Want to create the stadium experience at your local sports ground? And save big money?   JASSTECH make it easy for you to create brilliant, daylight-quality, playing field environments that help the sports stars of tomorrow to shine at night. … Read More

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