AAA-LUX LED sports field lights arrived !!

Excited announce our first major projects have now been signed off and the AAA-LUX LED Sports field Luminaires are on their way to New Zealand and Australia. These are a true game changer for Australian Sporting Associations, Clubs and Local Councils who have been searching for sustainable cost reducing sports field lights. AAA-LUX have the worlds only true retrofittable LED Sports field luminaire capable of lighting Stadiums, AFL & cricket ovals and all other sporting venues – and surpass both light output and lighting quality verse the old energy inefficient Metal Halide lamps. Not only that -you can see the ball better under these lights !!

Congratulations to Auckland City Council & Warkworth Hockey as the first field to adopt AAA-LUX, and benefit from energy and maintenance savings for the next 20 years and beyond! The luminaires have arrived in Auckland and are on their way to install stage.

Congratulations also to Ipswich Rangers Rugby Union & Ipswich City Council, Palm Beach Soccer- Gold Coast City Council, Brighton Roosters, North’s Devils, University of Queensland, Sunnybank Rugby League,Newfarm Soccer, Kaleen Tennis Club-ACT and Whites Hill College Hall-Qld, Talleudgera Sports Reserve,and Jindalee State School.Your the technology, quality & sustainability driven leaders in sports lighting now!

These clubs will now enjoy…No more lamp failures &replacements & associated costs of cherry pickers…and now delivering instant strike and re-strike (no need tear up cash to warm up for 45 minutes ‘pre game’ ever again), and capability to dim with absolute uniformity for juniors (no more “patchy fields” and dark spots). We can now “zone off’ and reduce energy consumption for these clubs for the next 20 years and beyond….and improved player comfort and quality of play.

Once you see and understand the TCO metrics on these luminaires, the argument for install becomes impossible to ignore.