Sporte© Online Booking and Remote Management System

Designed and developed in Australia, the Sporte Booking and Management System, offers superior lighting management and increased profits.

  • Centralised Office Control – Fine-grained remote control of facility resources. Consolidates multiple existing lighting control systems into one easily managed setup. Sporte users can remotely dim their facilities’ lights in real time if, for example, wet weather stops a training session.
  • Online Booking System – Pay-to-Play lighting functionality. An integrated booking system that allows clients to book and pay – as well as manage their accounts – via a fully responsive online interface.
  • Reporting and Analysis – Superior analysis to boost your ROI. Completely accurate time-of-use data that can be used for internal analysis or for provision to funding bodies. Conduct comparative usage analysis or generate staff reports instantly, using elegant and readily accessible graphs that are easy to customise.
  • Access Control Integration – A timed lighting system to reduce ‘leakage’ of venue resources and therefore boost revenue: power consumption is reduced by limiting lighting levels after set times. Our astro-clock technology synchronises lights at sunset.

This useful functionality can, of course, be accessed and remotely controlled via any Wi-Fi-enabled device.