Taringa Rovers joins the AAA-LUX band of true believers !

Taringa Rovers last night joined the clubs and councils in Australia and New Zealand, now seeing a better way to light their fields…with LED.

A phenomenal transformation in quality of training and play under the AAA-LUX Sports field luminaires, with significant positive environmental impacts. The old versus new photos are incredible. What’s more, in 20 years our photos will look only a little less than as we did last night…

not totally depreciated to a point of unsafe play. It’s easy to achieve a 10-year guarantee of lux levels, but what about years 11 to 30? If you are thinking long term, this is where we complete our value to you. We have already payed back on the Roi in years 3 to 8, depending on hours of play and light level requirements.

Better light, less energy cost, less CO2 emissions, less maintenance, less spill, and NO MERCURY!! With every field lit, a little less mercury is put into the world, and that multiplies over the life of these lights, as no mercury laden replacement lamps will be required -three or four lamp replacements on the old lamp styles over a life span of ours, which need no replacements.

This adds up to kilograms over multi sports fields and facilities, and as researched in the USA- could reduce Mercury usage by tonnes as LED luminaires are adopted across all lighting market segments. It’s just another great story of why these lights are such an exciting proposition for councils and clubs wanting a better sustainable future.