Why Upgrade your tennis courts lighting from Metal Halide to LED?

Metal Halide lighting technology was invented over 100 years ago. It uses large amounts of energy mixed with gases of Mercury and Metal Halides that degrade over a few short years to 60% less luminosity. This requires you to replace the very expensive globes on a routine basis along with expensive maintenance of other necessary parts such as noisy buzzing ballasts just to keep the 350 lumens required as standard for club and competition play. Metal Halide lights also take a long time and a lot of energy to warm up but also produce their light in round arcs which means large energy wastage and unnecessary overspill into neighbouring properties when your mission is to only light up a court with square corners.

LED lighting technology was invented over 20 years ago and over the past number of years has developed into an incredibly cost-effective solution to lighting up your tennis courts. One of the biggest benefits in switching to LED lighting is the massive savings in electricity usage. A modern 480-Watt LED Sports Light produces as much light as a single 2000-Watt Metal Halide Globe. This means that you can save a massive 76% in electricity costs alone by switching to LED. Add to this the average maintenance free 10 to 20-year life span or more than 60,000 hours of an LED light with no light loss and no replacement of expensive globes or parts required and you are looking at a very quick return on your investment in a short number of years just on these facts alone.

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Benefits of  LED

Other great benefits of making the investment in LED technology for your tennis court include instant full light quality as soon as you turn them on with no expensive warm up time.  LED lights also are manufactured to illuminate light in square or rectangle spill patterns which ensure the maximum amount of light is all focused on the court where it matters most while making sure your neighbours are inconvenienced with as little light spill as possible. Most important of all is ball visibility

Given all the advantages and the very competitive pricing that now exist for LED sports lighting please make an enquiry now to reap the cost benefits of a change with Jasstech, your LED sports lighting specialists