Jasstech’s product and service offerings cater to various sectors, including:

  • A Diverse range of indoor and outdoor sports.
  • Industrial and commercial applications
  • Transport hubs
  • Community and public spaces
jasstech LED Sports field lights

Saving with LED

LED light technology was invented over 20 years ago and over the past number of years has developed into an incredibly cost-effective solution to lighting up your tennis courts.

A modern 480-Watt LED Sports Light produces as much light as a single 2000-Watt Metal Halide Globe. This means that you can save a massive 76% in electricity costs alone by switching to LED.

Add to this the average maintenance free. 10 to 20-year life span or more than 60,000 hours of an LED light with no light loss and no replacement of expensive globes or parts required. You are looking at a very quick return on your investment in a short number of years just on these facts alone.

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