Outdoor and Indoor sports lighting

JASSTECH has the longest track record of providing LED sports lighting specifically designed for sports.Our luminaires have been installed across Australia and also worldwide through our design partners.
We were the first to bring a true sports luminaire range to Australia, and we are still providing the most innovative products to the sport lighting market with feature like optical design and wireless control.

football sports lighting

Benefits of LED Field lights

JASSTECH continuously improves our range to deliver the best performance, with enhanced operational efficiencies, like:

  1. Market-leading weight and sail area.
    Easy retrofit of old style luminaires, and reduced install costs
  2. Drivers positioned at the base of the pole.
    Ease of maintenance
  3. Cables concealed and protected.
    No more issues with bird attack and UV damage
  4. Patented heat sink design.
    Better heat dissipation in Australia’s harsh environment
  5. Australian designed for Australian conditions.
    Best performance for all Australian Sports
  6. Spill control shields as standard on all our outdoor sports lighting range.
    Easier compliance to AS4282
  7. Wide selection of optics.
    We will exceed the requirements of AS2560 for your sport and level of play
  8. Easy installation for electricians.
    Reduced installation costs
  9. Full replacement warranty.* 
    Confidence that you are working with a company who stands behind their product
  10. Fully dimmable with both wired and wireless protocols.
    Reduced operating costs and ability to choose what parts of the fields you illuminate
  11. Instant restrike.
    No more waiting around for the lights to cool down before you can switch them back on
  12. JASSTECH’s reliable in-house design and technical team to ensure we deliver as promised
  13. Various Colour Temperatures available.
    Easier matching of existing luminaires on site
  14. Body colour options.
    JASSTECH can match almost any colour scheme with our range of powder-coated finishes.

JASSTECH’s range of high-powered LED sports lighting create a more even and uniform light distribution, and have a colour temperature that closely matches daylight.

This increases visibility, and the enhances the ability to detect moving objects.
These characteristics lead to an improved match experience for both players and spectators.

Holy Spirit Pine Central Hornets Rugby Field

Sports Lighting is NOT flood lighting. Most sports require different types of illumination, based on field size and the sports played.

For ‘Small ball-Fast ball’ sports like tennis, cricket, hockey, baseball and softball require excellent illumination for players to really ‘see’ the fast moving small ball.

Sports like AFL, cricket, baseball and softball glare and vertical illumination above head height is also important, but without the glare.

Our luminaires were developed with these high intensity sports in mind.

This means JASSTECH can provide your site with a lighting scheme that will exceed the requirements of the AS2560.2.x Sports Lighting Standard.

The JASSTECH sports luminaire range comprises over 12 different optics that are fully controllable for zoning, and are also dimmable, via the innovative Sporte© Booking and Lighting Management System

JASSTECH is proud to be licensed to use – one of the world’s leading sports field management software systems.

Designed and developed in Australia, the Sporte Booking and Lighting Management System, offers superior lighting management and increased profits.

  • Centralised Office Control
    Fine-grained remote control of facility resources. Consolidates multiple existing lighting systems into an easily-managed setup.
  • Online Booking System
    Pay-to-Play lighting functionality.
    An integrated booking system that allows clients to book and pay, as well as manage their accounts via a fully responsive interface.
  • Reporting and Analysis
    Superior analysis to boost your ROI. Completely accurate time-of-use data that can be used for internal analysis or for provision to funding bodies. Conduct comparative usage analysis or generate staff reports instantly, using elegant, readily accessible graphs that are easy to customise.
  • Access Control Integration
    A timed lighting system to reduce ‘leakage’ of venue resources and therefore boost revenue: power consumption is reduced by limiting lighting levels after set times; astro-clock technology synchronises lights at sunset. This, of course, can be accessed and controlled from any device.

LED Sports Field Pole Construction