With 10-years experience in sports lighting solutions, JASSTECH knows what works and how to get the best results for your money.

LED screens and scoreboards are proven to enhance the viewing experience for spectators. They can also deliver strong financial benefits for clubs from enhanced sponsor experience and exposure.

JASSTECH delivers market-leading LED screens and scoreboards for both indoor and outdoor sports club venues.

How to choose an LED display screen and scoreboard for your needs?

Is it for indoor or outdoor use?

There are two distinct classes of LED depending on exposure to our harsh environment. You can save money on your LED screen or scoreboard purchase by making a considered choice. JASSTECH has the expertise to advise you how to get the best bang-for-buck.

Do you need a permanent or temporary LED Scoreboard or Screen solution?

Temporary LED screens for the side of the field is a good option where you have several sponsors that you can sell ‘field time’ to.  Depending on their size, temporary LED screens can be more expensive, but the flexibility to move them around may be more attractive to some clubs.

Permanent LED screens and scoreboards can be cost-effective and deliver quick paybacks, while also having the opportunity to ‘market’ the space 24/7.

What resolution is best for your LED Scoreboard or screen?

The level of resolution really depends on factors, like viewing distance; angle; and type of content to be displayed. The further the viewer is away from the screen, generally, the lower the resolution required. Lower resolution LED scoreboards and screens are obviously more cost-effective both in up-front and operating costs, but it is important to get good advice before making your choice – particularly where there is a requirement for high level content.

JASSTECH provides a wide range of high-quality LED scoreboards and screens that can deliver the performance you need for your specific application.

Should our club buy or rent LED screens?

JASSTECH recommends renting and leasing LED screens and scoreboards for one-off or periodic events. It’s important to remember that technology is evolving, and getting the most out of the investment may prove leasing and renting to be the most cost-effective option.

LED screens and scoreboards can add revenue to your club if you integrate advertising. LED screens and scoreboards can also enhance the viewing experience if you integrate game replays

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