Benefits of  LED Tennis Lighting

One of the biggest benefits in switching your tennis court lights to LED is the massive savings in electricity usage.

Metal Halide lighting technology was invented over 100 years ago. It uses large amounts of energy mixed with gases of Mercury and Metal Halides that degrade over a few short years to 60% less luminosity.

This requires you to replace the very expensive globes on a routine basis. Along with expensive maintenance of other necessary parts such as noisy buzzing ballasts just to keep the 350 lumens required as standard for club and competition play.

lighting of a tennis court

Why Upgrade your tennis courts from Metal Halide to LED lights?

Metal Halide lights also take a long time and a lot of energy to warm up. They also produce their light in round arcs which means large energy wastage and unnecessary overspill into neighbouring properties. You only need to light up a court with square corners.

Savings for clubs with LED

Since 2009, LED has proven itself as a viable alternative, and is now considered the norm for all new installs, as well as retrofit projects. With a large number of highly variable LED products on the market, the challenge for the facilities managers is to choose a quality product that delivers as promised.

Essentially, the decision-making process should initially consider the existing and proposed infrastructure, such as:

  • What are the limits of the existing electrical supply;
  • Is three-phase supply available (some luminaires require this);
  • Are the poles in satisfactory condition or do they need to be checked;
  • Do the poles need to be repositioned;
  • Does a lighting change require a development application or similar?

Considerations for your Tennis Sports Lighting Project

When it comes to evaluating the lighting options, it is important to consider all aspects of the physical light as well as whether it is fit-for-purpose. What Are Your Needs Or Requirements?

Sports Max LED – Benefits

Court sports such as Tennis, Netball and Basketball require lighting that will deliver high uniformity on low masts whilst delivering low glare. JASSTECH’s SPORTS MAX is a leader in its class, because it delivers: market-leading and reliable lumens per Watt; superior uniformity; outstanding light quality; and remarkable visual comfort.

Low Glare, Efficient Court Lighting

Utilising our super efficient high-flux light sources and thermal technology, the SPORTS MAX range delivers market leading performance that will deliver, even in Australia’s harsh environment. Custom engineered optics are also one of our major breakthroughs in LED beam control. The SPORTS MAX will deliver incredible performance that meet and exceed the most challenging of lighting requirements.

Other Benefits

  • Exteremely slimline design
  • Very low windage area (EPA)
  • Various lumen packages from 75W-1000W
  • Easy direct replacement using the existing mast, wiring, and mounting arms
  • Dark sky friendly with zero upward light
  • Virtually no tilt, delivering ultimate control, and reduced glare
  • Industry leading optical performance for light spill control
  • Consistent high performance in the most demanding environments
  • Compatible with leading programmable lighting control systems, including the Sporte wireless system
Tennis LED sports-max light