Outdoor light and thin fixed LED display

The JASSTECH JS3 outdoor series is an excellent addition to the highly acclaimed outdoor LED product lineup. This new, state-of-the-art cabinet structure now features dimensions of 960mm x 960mm, maintaining consistency across the wide range of pixel pitches available.


  • Ultra light cabinet
  • Front/rear access
  • Energy efficient
  • Smart module
  • Slim cabinet
  • Fast assembly
  • IP65
Highly competent for demanding environments

Highly competent for demanding environments

Meeting IP65 front and rear standards the S3 LED display series is resistant to dust, water and fully weatherproof.

Thin and light

At just 33kg/m² the ultra-light weight cabinets are easy to handle, less expensive to transport and effortless to install.

Front/rear access

With reliable magnet effect structure, all the components including power supply, receiver and cables can be easily maintained from both front and rear of the screen.

Smart module

Data is auto applied to individual modules resulting in no need to manually calibrate when replacing with spare modules supplied.

From our PCB design, to simple but well organised system layout design, JASSTECH’s years of experience & knowledge on EMC testing standards means we can guarantee
our products easily meet the EMC requirement.


  • Work by independent identification
  • Store calibration data
  • Monitor temperature and voltage
  • Record running time
  • Synchronize data
LED score board panel
LED score board panel
LED score board panel

LED Outdoor Screens and Scoreboards pdf