Jasstech Sports MAX reaches a very significant milestone – Zero failures since its release in 2017

Jasstech is extremely proud to announce that after almost 800 units sold in Australia since May 2017, our clients have experienced a ZERO FAILURE rate – Not one!!!

Mr Albin, Manager of Jasstech, said, “We are extremely proud of our entire product range, and the Australian designed Sports MAX is no exception. Even in the toughest of environments and over 6-years of operation, we have achieved what we believe is the industry’s best reliability for any sports lighting product on the market.”

With its simplified installation and reduced installation costs, both the installers and customers are realising the benefits that can be realised by using the Jasstech range of outdoor and sports lighting products.

“Jasstech is also reaching another very important phase in our product development – Australian Made. Mr Albin said, “Our business has reached a critical growth phase and we are now manufacturing and assembling here in Australia.”

“COVID led to excessive delays for lighting products across the entire industry, and internationally.”

“We started to think about how we could sure-up our supply chain. The most logical answer was to manufacture right here in Australia. It’s an exciting development that gives us shorter lead times and more control over production rates. The quality remains very high with the same QA testing occurring here. We’re also creating jobs right here in Australia, and that’s really exciting”

For more information or to get a free design and quote, please contact Jasstech at:

enquiries@jasstech.com.au or phone 1300 665 135