August 2015 – First Soccer Club lit under JASSTECH LED in the Southern Hemisphere – Gold Coast strikes a goal!

  • Largest sports field area perimeter lighting to date – 2 fields and 3 mini mods.
  • 6 x 25 metre poles, 20 luminaires, smart wireless control from the clubhouse, exceptional spill control and uniformity.

In 2015, Palm Beach Soccer Club approached JASSTECH with a strong desire to future proof their club through the use of LED Sports field Floodlighting. “The costs of energy and maintenance were really playing on the board’s mind. Surely with the advances in LED technology in other market segments, someone must have a solution for sports-fields and clubs like ours.”

With a defiant approach to not take the usual suspects’ advice that “LED couldn’t deliver the required lux and uniformity the club did their own due diligence. One of the Board members at the time, Paul Jenkins, is a civil engineer with strong project management skills and, he approached JASSTECH to prove up the true capabilities of the LED Sports field Luminaire.

“We had several major challenges; with the prevention of light spill on several residential neighbourhood perimeters critical on our agenda that would probably have been near impossible to control with the old conventional solution – especially with our desired pole positions.  An independent engineer certified light plan clearly demonstrated the JASSTECH LED solution could manage this challenge with precision accuracy and deliver the club, the desired lighting levels.” Jenkins said.

Club President Peter Williamson , supported by The Mayor of the City of Gold Coast Tom Tate, the State Parliament MP Michael Hart and Divisional Councillor Member Daphne McDonald endorsed the idea.  Subsequently, Mr Hart and Ms McDonald  ‘flicked the switch’ on the fields on Tuesday night 25th August 2015.  A joint funding agreement between the Palm Beach Soccer Club, the Gold Coast City Council and the Queensland Government Department of Sport and Recreation ensured the club realised their goal.

As with the other fields recently completed, the gathered crowd were surprised at the instantaneous illumination of the field. Players cheered from the field, and training commenced – no 20-minute wait for the lights to obtain correct lux levels. A quick demonstration of turn-off/turn-on for the officials to prove up the instant re-strike was provided. What also surprised the club coaches and board was the difference in quality of light – it just feels clearer and looks brighter. And more importantly, it will not have lost 20% of its lux levels in the first year!

25,000 hours is a long time in sports field lighting time…. and we expect these luminaires to be lighting the Mallawa Drive Sports Complex fields, where both the Palm Beach Soccer Club NPL (representing the Gold Coast) and the Local Palm Beach Soccer teams, train and play, for a very very long time.

JASSTECH’s range of LED luminaires ensures we can outperform on any Court, Field, Stadium, Port, Airport or Large Area. We are significantly more environmentally friendly by reducing energy consumption, maintenance and completely eliminating mercury filled replacement lamps currently used in the old MH technology. It’s a bright future ahead for JASSTECH !